Welcome to Tenshiyuki; a site run by me Narumi since October 11, 2006! On this site you can expect to find graphics, adoptables, resources, and more! You will also find on this site reviews I have done on Anime, Manga, and Soundtracks and Asian Music. This site is still growing so expect to see more to come later on. For now, please enjoy my site! Current Layout: Yin from Darker than Black

Sincere Apologies

[December 7, 2013] by Narumi Hey everyone. I know I haven't been on in about eight months and I would like to sincerely apologize to my affies and link exchanges. I disappeared without a word and also didn't even give out the prizes to the contest winners. Starting from the middle of this year, life has gotten seriously busy it wasn't even funny. Junior year has really been my toughest year in college with all the homework and projects I've had to turn in after the other. It's been so tough I almost thought I couldn't do it and constantly worried everyday about my future. Although I always thought I couldn't take it anymore, I still accomplished the tasks that had to be done. After looking back at it all, I can say it was quite rewarding. Despite the lack of sleep and stressful nights, I am actually glad it happened. I created my best work this year and I'm quite happy right now. I hope you all are doing well also! If you are also stressing out, take a deep breath and think about that wonderful accomplishing feeling that will come after all that work! :) Also, I understand why most of you took my link off. I would have done the same thing! I would like to re-apply and have another fresh start on my website this month since I will be on a big break. I hope you all forgive me and I can't wait to catch up with everyone! P.S.Things that need to be done : Re-apply for affies + link exchanges, distribute contest prizes, make a new layout, and add reviews and graphics! Until then, here comes four days of Finals... T-T


[April 2, 2013] by Narumi Yes yes yes I know, it is the moment EVERYONE has been waiting for since dummy Naru has been seriously busy. I do VERY much apologize with how long it has taken me to finally post the results of the contest winners. CONGRATULATIONS to Sasha of Vizune for winning first place! :D Also congratulations to Linzz and Karen for winning 2nd and 3rd place! :D I must say everyone did a wonderful job and choosing the winners was quite difficult. If you did not win the contest please do not feel bad or hold a grudge against me. The decision was solely based on my critique and not friendships (if that makes sense? o-o). Click HERE to view the Hall of Fame! :) P.S. Many of you changed URLS and I promise I will get to that ASAP and let u know!~


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